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Another fairing issue!

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Anyone else having an issue with the fairings sitting correctly?

My has been doing it for the past week and I was actually just searching the web and came across another forum where someone has the same issue. Since I dont have a picture I am borrowing theirs haha...

This is the issue, the fiaring no longer will stay put and just pops out to it staying like this..

I am going to take the fairing off and reinstall it, and it it does not fix the problem I am going to have the dealer fix it.. Because its like buying a car and the bumper popping out, its not right and should not be like that haha..

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Noticed this problem last night while detailing my bike after a good old country road ride with my buddies. Pushed it back in place and then wiggled it and saw that it came right back out. Oh well. If it took me 2.5 weeks and detailing to notice it, no one else will.
Has anyone come up with a fix for this yet?

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right click the picture and select "copy image URL", then paste that in the "inster image" button window. (this is if it's on the internet already. I am not sure if there is an upload feature on this site?)
that aint right, i tried, and it was driving me nuts, figured out i had to use photobucket, cause my facebook is all on lockdown, so it would not submit images over to the forum, its all good now, got it covered...
My facebook is on lockdown and I can still post pictures. Maybe you're not clicking correctly or technology hates you. My forum pic is actually a facebook picture.
Could just use your phone, no?

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Is that why the pictures you post look like a picture of a picture on the computer? I just though you had horrible cropping skills, lol.
Ok, ouch... And the pictures I posted that were photoshop pictures were taken in front of my Wacom24HD (way cooler than a computer).:cool: Regular pictures, like what you took would look just fine. :)

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Hey hey I wasn't throwing around an insult, lol. It just looked like you were taking a picture of your computer screen rather than saving and uploading. But I guess that would be easier.
Lol, oh I know. It's all good. I just use this site on my phone. Rarely do I ever log in from a pc. :)

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My lady absolutely loved the purple 300 you did btw. Said "**** that where's my wallet" as soon as I showed her, haha.
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