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Another fairing issue!

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Anyone else having an issue with the fairings sitting correctly?

My has been doing it for the past week and I was actually just searching the web and came across another forum where someone has the same issue. Since I dont have a picture I am borrowing theirs haha...

This is the issue, the fiaring no longer will stay put and just pops out to it staying like this..

I am going to take the fairing off and reinstall it, and it it does not fix the problem I am going to have the dealer fix it.. Because its like buying a car and the bumper popping out, its not right and should not be like that haha..

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Anyone give Nonbock's method a go? I have the same issue and it's something that I may need to commit to.
Looks like it may be a feature to accommodate expanding plastics in the heat! :D

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Just tried the fix. I'm now convinced it's poorly made fairings.

There's no give when i try to squeeze the fairing flush. But still the 1-2mm gap still persists.

My best guess is the plastics are of poor quality. Too much flex in them and that allows the little millimeter gives here and there.

Oh well. No one else will really notice it cept me. Like people saying your gf is gorgeous cept you know her little faults. :rolleyes:

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I give mine a rap with the bottom of my fist. Sometimes it stays for a few seconds or a few weeks. Just a junk design. Clear packing tape is probably the only cure. :cool:
SHhhhh...it's OEM packing tape.
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