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Aggressive Riding Tire Tech Thread

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The wonderful thing about lightweight bikes is how easy it is to throw them around. Members such as Peanut_EOD race lightweight bikes, and with enough practice+skill, you can even compete, and beat, larger supersport bikes in the twisties.

However, because the Ninja 300 is considered a beginners bike, and is a cheap solution to getting on 2 wheels, the stock tires that come from the factory are considered very bad if to be used as an aggressive tire.

This thread is to give you all the information you need to know about what tires are the best performing tires that fit on the Ninja 300 without any modification.

If you plan on hitting mountain twisties or taking your Ninja 300 to the track, you should consider the list of tires below. Tires are one of the most essential parts of your motorcycle, and the difference between good and bad tires could mean the difference between life and death. (Or a rashed motorcycle)

*Unsure if 120's fit on the front tire, and if they would have a negative effect. Stay tuned for clarification*
Front Performance Tires
Diablo Rosso II
110/70R17 ~$99
110/70ZR17 ~$108

Battlax S20
110/70ZR17 ~$108

Battlax BT-003
110/70ZR17 ~$103

Battlax BT-016 (Being Replaced by S20's)
110/70ZR17 ~$95

Rear Performance Tires
Diablo Rosso II
140/70ZR17 ~$120
150/60ZR17 ~$130

Battlax S20
150/60ZR17 ~$131

Battlax BT-003
140/70ZR17 ~$120
150/60ZR17 ~$131

Battlax BT-016 (Being Replaced by S20's)
150/60ZR17 ~$115

Companies Which Sell Tires Listed Above
RevZilla.com **
SportbikeTrackGear.com ← Contact [email protected] for possible better pricing!

** = Cheapest Prices Found

Have a pair of tires you feel fits the needs of aggressive riding on the street and at the track? Post up your claim to have it added to the list above!
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Can we add in info about tire compounds, or are all of these track specific tires? I love me a good dual compound tire since I commute 1000s of miles a year.. But I like to have my fun to :D
None of these are track-specific. They are considered performance street tires. I will continue to research the tires and add more information. I will also look into good sport tires that fit these bikes, but have longer life that may not be as good, so people don't need to frantically figure out what tires to buy.

Any possibility of getting this thread stickified for now? I may end up just creating one large thread with links to various threads about modifications (brakes, tires, track fairings, suspension..etc) as a 1-stop user guide area.. but for now, this'll do.

How will putting the 150 rear tire affect performance
i have heard it will make it more difficult to lean you will have to
lean harder which is perfectly fine with me
esp if the straight line handling (ie freeway) is a little more stable
Yes, the larger the tire, technically the more input you'd have to give for it to lean. Wheels are designed for a specific width tire, so technically, wider isn't always better for a specific bike. Someone like Peanut who has experience racing and going hard on these smaller tires could probably chime in and tell you how the feel is, but with my bigger bikes, I've ridden both 180 and 190 tires and can't say I really felt a whole lot of difference. Because the 300 is so simple to throw around anyways as it is, I personally don't think you'd notice any negative effects, but don't quote me on that.

I will say, I am pretty sure I'll be getting the Battlax S20's in the 110/150 combo before Spring hits. It's one of Bridgestone's newest tires, a very good street tire but also good for track days. Their BT-003 has a more extreme tread pattern on it that wouldn't fair as well in wet conditions.
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How about wet riding tires as well? I ride year round and will be in the twisties this weekend.
Your right hand will be the deciding factor on the success of that. ;)

Smooth throttle and only brake when the bike is upright...etc will truly be the factors to successfully navigate in the wet.

A tire like the BT-003 will probably be out of the question for you. While people have used that tire in rain, there are few sipes in that tire to direct water away.

Also note - be sure to use the same brand front tire as the rear. The sipes are designed to work together to displace water.

I've ridden in torrential downpours (Not intentional) at highway speeds for 20+ minutes at a time. It sucks, and one false move will signify disaster. Don't chop the throttle, make sure everything is smooth, try to keep the bike as upright as you possibly can, and navigate your way to your destination.
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So Peanut, I assume that 120's fit the front tire with no issues? Is there a certain setup you recommend? 110/140 .. 110/150 .. 120/150? Are they all legitimate combo choices?
Lol well I am sure that won't be a worry for me then. I won't take it past 110. I have never thought about it before but how much will the 60 or 70 affect the bike?
I don't even think the 300 will reach 110, so you have nothing to worry about.

I've heard good things about the Diablo Rosso II's, so I as well would recommend them if you're going with Pirelli.

Glad this thread is helping some of you guys.
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Anyone wanna second this thread to be stickied? Don't want it lost in the sands of time.
thanks. everyone i've heard from complains about the price of bike tires. makes me wonder if theyve never bought a set of high performance car tires before...
Yeah it's silly that people complain about the one thing that is very vital to properly handling a motorcycle on the street.

Tires are the last thing you want to skimp out on with a motorcycle.
you mean like kawi did with our IRC's? :D
Right. Shame on them for putting a POS tire on a bike that will be the primary bike for new beginners.
So... as of yet, has anyone gone with a 120/150 set up? How is it working out for you? Im probably going with the diablos from all of the good reviews. Btw, I pretty much live on this site lol. Thank you to everyone who contributes on a regular basis. I have learned tons!

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A few people have run 120/150 setup. I believe Peanut did.

It will work good.
Mania, what size setup did you go with?

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In the U.S. for Pirelli Diablo Rosso II's 110/70R17 & 140/70R17 have H (rated to 130mph) and W (rated to 168mph)
Yeah I just bought the Diablo Rosso II's the other day since track day is quickly approaching.

I went with the cheaper front tire rated for 130MPH since the 300 won't touch that speed anyways. Saved me $10.

I went with the 110/140 setup
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