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Thanks to those who recently contributed to solving a coolant leak so now I'm onto the next issue.
The left button on the meter does not function. The right button appears to function. Can get the clock to flash per the manual with the right button but without the left button working I can't set the time. The oil pressure light does not go out and I've checked the oil pressure switch, it is working. Neutral, clock, left and right turn signals, fuel gauge, tack and speedometer all work. The odometer flashes continuously with dashes ------------ but does not work. Stuck on kmph. Thought the left button might be stuck but after some examination it does not appear stuck.
Not sure if the problem is in the meter or it has something to do with the ECU.
Anyway, if it turns out to be the meter I'm looking for recommendations for aftermarket meters. I see a couple on Amazon and eBay that appear to be, and claim to be, specific to the Ninja 300.
Has anyone replaced their meter with an aftermarket meter and had positive or negative results? If so, I'd appreciate feedback on the source, model etc. along with your thoughts. If this issue has been addressed in a post I didn't find in my searches, please refer me to it.
I appreciate the help I've been getting as a forum member.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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