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got my first bike - 2014 kawasaki 300 se for reference. i am 5'2, havent rode yet. my motorcycle training course is in 2 days. all ive done is sit on the bike and i barely touch the ground and toe tapping seems extremely uncomfortable. whats the best way to have it lowered? i dont want to consider shaving the seat. i also heard lowering the actual bike is dangerous (?).
Those are your choices.

I personally don't like lowering the suspension. Unless you do it properly and evenly, front to back, you can easily create handling issues.

I would suggest finding a used seat and cutting the foam. That is the best way to lower the height IMO.

As noted above, you really don't need to "flat foot". Keeping the cycle balanced, you can just touch your toe down when stopped, or slide off the seat to one side. I never put both feet down when stopped
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