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Acceleration issues

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I’m having accleration issues with my 17 WTE 300, from 1st to 6th gear I’m toping out at about 55mph.

Changed the oil and zipped tied some Diablo 3s to the rims

worked perfect and on my first run did a small burnout which I really don’t do but I wanted to break in the tire, headed out. Road it like I always do and I slipped in a water patch and laid her over. I have frame sliders because this is my training bike.

I adjusted the asv clip on, clutch wire, cable, I put the oem rearset back on nothing.

Im smooth on my clutch play, but it sounds like the clutch is gone?

I can get a whole clutch basket with the packs or should I look at clutch disk and see if it’s only one I need to replace. I’ve had better success replacing the whole basket in lieu of replacing the disk.

thanks People
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Welcome to the forum!

So, the bike doesn't accelerate but it revs up? That's why you think is the clutch? Makes sense to me.
If the bike doesn't accelerate but it doesn't rev up either, then it may be something else.

I would start by the cable having good free play and not getting stuck. Then check the discs. Measure the thickness with a caliper and see if they are beyond service wear. If disc are ok, then check the plates. Last suspicious should be the basket unless you have a reason to believe it's the culprit.
Where can you get a complete clutch basket with the discs? You mean the Suter slipper clutch for $900? If you do find you need new clutch fibers and steel plates, just order oem replacements for less than $150. Also, it's actually much easier to only replace your clutch "discs" since that requires you to only remove the clutch cover and 3-10mm bolts. To get the entire basket off you'll need a clutch holding tool, 22mm socket and a breaker bar (or large impact).
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