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This caused me a little head-scratching and extra work in having to take the fairings and tank back off to disconnect and re-seat the ABS connector. :rolleyes:

I was installing a PowerCommander V harness earlier this week and removed the ABS connector from the module to route the PCV wiring easier and 'thought' I had connected it properly. Only I hadn't. This is a little different than your average connector found on sport bikes so I'm posting this to help others avoid a little frustration when they put their bike back together only to find they now have an ABS 'fault' light staring them in the face as happened to me.

When all goes well the latch will rotate up and release the connector while 'locking' in the up position. For me it didn't the first time and when I plugged it back in the cam rotated into the 'in-between' teeth of the cam-lock and clicked, so I believed I had it solidly into place.

What really needs to happen is for the sides of the latch to go past all the 'teeth' and this will allow the latch to rotate down and lock into place properly.

Take a look at the image I've edited which I hope explains it better than what I'm writing here.

Good luck! ;)


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