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I think you will want something larger - like a 650. Because of your size, traveling cross-country, carrying gear, and running at higher speeds is going to tax the little Ninja quite a bit. There isn't going to be much left, and you will be near wide-open a lot.

You are going to want more torque and a more moderate cruising RPM that the Ninja will provide.

I rarely suggest starting on a larger cycle, but in this case I think it will actually be a safer choice. You are large and tall enough to control the additional weight of a larger cycle.

Some amount of wind protection is nice to have on longer trips. Look at a Suzuki V-Strom or other 650s with a more upright riding position and some fairings.

I would search-out some type of riding course before venturing out. There's no time to learn as you go. You need to know the basics of handing a cycle, without thinking.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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