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40t rear sprocket anyone?

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I just got a 40t rear sprocket to try to hopefully make first gear more usable. When I turn from a stop sign/light, I have to shift to 2nd before the bike is even upright lol. I am hoping I don't lose too much torque but we will find out. Also I think my 150/60 rear tire changed the gearing as well since its a "shorter" tire so I might not lose as much torque as those who have done this mod with a stock tire. Not worried about cruising rpms or top speed, Amazon had these rear sprockets for $14 so I thought I'd try it. If I don't like it I'll put the 42t back on...

Any of you guys using a 40t rear (or 15t front) and how do you like it?
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I have a 40t rear sprocket and i love it. Also, i live pretty close to you...at least i used to. I lived on union street in bangor for 23 years. I live in milo now, but as soon as i get my fairings painted, I'll have my 300 in bangor a bunch this summer. I should be getting the paint this week. If you haven't switched yours over by then, you can try it out and see what you think. Mine is not modded like yours so a lot will be different, but I think you could figure out whether or not you like the gearing.
Right on, thanks! I already have the sprocket and will install it in the am to try this weekend. Appreciate the offer though. Cool you are from Bangor, small world isn’t it!
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