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Nice meeting y'all. 馃榾

I'm trying to determine what my best options are for said issue.
The front seems to dive way too readily under braking.
Hell, the front end likes to dive and unsettles the bike somewhat just from rolling off the throttle.

Any suggestions and/or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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First step is to get springs that match your weight and the type of riding you鈥檒l be doing.

Use the calculator above to find the ideal spring rate you need.

That alone should be enough to solve your problem.

If you want to refine your ride after that, you can set the correct preload by changing the length of the spacers in the forks, add a gold valve emulator to have better rebound and compression damping (so I鈥檝e heard) and use a fork fluid viscosity that you feel gives you a ride that isn鈥檛 too soft or too harsh.

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+1 Rookie28, as suggested you'll have to match the springs. I am having the same issue and will go down this route with racetech emulators (maybe complete cartridge)
I would also suggest affixing zip-tie to one of the fork to see travel used. I would suggest you pay attention to rider experience option on racetech as rider experience also has effect on spring rate.
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