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2013 Ninja 300 HID Install

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These videos are courtesy of Kawi G. Thanks for taking the time to record the videos! You should post them up yourself!

I'm not entirely sure why there isn't a Part 2.
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NICE! This girls awesome
I would like to see a follow up video and doing a review on lighting at night.. Because on my 250R the HID at night gives you about 50% of the light as a halogen bulb. I very very unhappy with it, but now its my wifes bike and she doesnt ride at night..

On the 250R I did not use a relay harness because the stock bulbs are H7 and are 55 watt, and the HID is only 35watt.. So with only 1 starting up at time I was not to worried..
What color is your HID cbzdel? Never heard of a HID kit giving less light than a halogen. Unless you are running 6000k+
Its a 6000k.. The issues is the reflector of the 250R throws the light off in so many directions is makes it less to useless..

Its just not designed to handle an HID, if I am riding down a road with trees along the sides, it actually lights up the tops of the trees, what is the light doing way up there?? I want it on the street!!

No HID is a reflector housing will give better light pattern that a halogen, that is a proven fact.. Yet there is more output from a HID.. So its a trade off with a halogen you get less light but its all in the right places. But with an HID you get more light but its all in the wrong places..
Are there any other ways to make both headlights work without running your high beams?

Any kits that do not require so much work?

If not, I will pay someone from Central Illinois that knows how to properly install the HID kit.
the heat emitted by the HID, does not burn the lamp?
Do not put HID's in stock reflector housings. You will blind everyone coming towards you. Use projectors.
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try using the headlight adjusters and pointing the headlight down more, worked for me years ago on my K1200LT
A band-aid at best but it's still a housing that was designed for a specific bulb and not a universal HID kit.

Do it right or don't touch it.
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