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wont start
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  1. Ninja 300 Issues and Troubleshooting
    Hey, so I recently got a 300 that has been sitting almost a year. It won’t start, it clicks like it wants to start but won’t. The battery has been changed twice just to try new batteries in case one was the issue. New fuel was put in. I don’t know where to start diagnosing more problems. Any...
  2. Ninja 300 Issues and Troubleshooting
    I bought this bike a few weeks ago and it started and ran fine for the first 2 weeks. I was out riding it and stopped to piss and came back and it wouldn't start... Kept making the buzzing noise you hear in the video below. I took the battery to get tested, all the cells were fine but it was at...
  3. Ninja 300 Issues and Troubleshooting
    I recently purchased as of a few weeks ago a Ninja 300, Due to certain issues not related to the bike i have been unable to take it for a long ride the most i can do is go around the block which is about 1/4 Kilometer at best, Ive been doing this 2-3 times a week so i can get used to the bike as...
1-3 of 3 Results