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  1. Gearing Help!!

    Ninja 300 General Discussion
    I'm doing a track day in 3 weeks and I need to replace my chain and sprockets. Should I stick with stock gearing for my first track day or should I try gearing it down some? (Up in front down in the back)
  2. Track Day Bike Prep, what's the easiest way?

    General Track Discussion
    I'm doing Sears Point on February 27th, my first track day on the bike. I'm wondering what people do to prep their machines in terms of lights, blinkers, and mirrors. I'd like to take off the mirrors and disable the lights, but I don't think it will be that easy. The rules for PTT are: -- You...
  3. 2WTD Streets of Willow Springs - Sept 4th

    Anyone else gonna be out at Willow for the Sept 4th Track Days? I'll be in group C since its been a while since I did a track day. Hope to see you out there! http://www.2wheelstrackdays.com/product-category/sep-4-steets-of-willow-springs/
  4. NOLA Motorsports Park May 15th

    Is anyone on here gonna be there? I'll be there. My first track day in 10 years.
  5. New old racer guy

    New Members Introduction
    Hey all, first post here to say hi. It's too bad my old login from kawiforums didn't work here, because then I could have been a 5 year veteran. This 300 isn't my first Kawasaki. I see the Ninja 300 is a popular first bike for many, and that's great. I come from the other end of the...
  6. Kawasaki Track Ride Day - VIC (Australia)

    Victoria & Tasmania
    Looks like Kawasaki Team Green Australia are hosting another Kawasaki track ride day. This one is at Winton Raceway. The story went up on the website and facebook page today. http://www.kawasaki.com.au/news/general-kawasaki-news/item/1029-kawasaki-team-green-australia-track-ride-day-at-winton
  7. Kawasaki Track Ride Day - NSW (Australia)

    Events and Meets
    Has anyone seen this thing that Kawasaki Australia are doing? Really cheap track day at Wakefield Park in NSW. Once you sign up they send an email with a rego form. I'm in...
  8. Track day

    Western Australia
    Is anyone planning on doing a track day over Summer? I am looking into the Course 1 through Trak Dayz on Jan 11. If anyone has advice or suggestions let me know. This will be my first track day and it seems Trak Dayz are popular. I found this list of pre-ride to dos on the Ninjette Wiki...