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  1. Covering your brake

    Riding Tips and Techniques
    Right now, it's still quite cool in CT, so I'm riding with very solid leather gloves. Sometimes, when I ride through risky areas (lots of intersections etc.) I would really like to cover clutch and brake. The former is no problem, but the latter is: I cannot manage to get my fingers to the lever...
  2. Jerky Throttle

    Ninja 300 General Discussion
    I've read around a bit but nobody seems to have a solution to this. On my 2014, anytime I drop the throttle past about 15% it instantly goes to idle. This is a major pain in the ass. I've tried using the clutch to decel, and maneuvering at slow speeds isn't too much of a problem, but god forbid...
  3. Hissing Noise When Using Throttle

    Ninja 300 Issues and Troubleshooting
    I just noticed a hissing noise when I use the throttle. It's quite noticeable when I'm on the 3rd gear and above, it might still be there when on lower gears, but I might not be hearing it with my gear and the wind. Has anyone else had this issue? Did anyone find the problem? I just reached my...
  4. "Click" when opening the throttle

    Ninja 300 General Discussion
    hello all forum members. have you ever experienced click sound when you open the throttle? I experinece this sound when I open the throttle at 3rd gear and like 40km fast. before accelleration, I hear this click sound, it seems like it belongs to a throttle switch or smtg like that. I'm...
  5. Throttle surge

    Ninja 300 General Discussion
    So, my first bike was carbureted, and from what I remember, if I was very careful, I could avoid any meaningful surge when applying throttle. However, it seems that with the ninja 300, because it is fuel injected, there is an unavoidable surge, once it gets enough throttle to actually react...
  6. 25kw throttle restriction removal

    Ninja 300 Appearance & Modifications
    Hello, I bought the 300. I'm from Switzerland and before turning 25 or having 2 years experience you are only allowed to ride a <25kw bike. So I bought it with a 25kw restriction on the throttle. I just past my 2 years experience so I wanted to remove the restriction myself to save on money...