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  1. New Members Introductions
    Downed my bike two days ago if anyone has original OEM parts for a ninja 2015 ill probably be able to buy them. private msg me or respond to this and we can talk.:smile2:
  2. Ninja 300 Parts & Accessories
    Hey guys, I crashed a few weeks ago and in assessing the repairs the mechanic is saying it will cost $340 just to repair the left rearset (that's the parts price from Kawasaki, not labor). Literally the first link on ebay is for a SET of awesome adjustable black rearsets that only cost $200...
  3. Ninja 300 Appearance & Modifications
    Anodizing Aluminum - Chime In Hi all, if you've had experience(s) with anodizing aluminum/metals. Please chime in. I need to get some new rearsets since I broke mine when I took a slide not too long ago. I really want a gold set but I cant seem to find a set I really like in gold. I want gold...
1-3 of 3 Results