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  1. Ninja 300 Issues and Troubleshooting
    So I was riding around 60 mph and my oil light come on and I lost power then it shut off I then got it started to get it off the road check the oil and it was low added 2 q and then it started it and it run okay but now it knocks on start up
  2. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    Made an account just for this what yall think? It's a mad slow leak.
  3. USA
    Should I use semi synthetic or synthetic. I’m new
  4. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    Hey guys, I bought a brand new Ninja 300 and I have around 960km on it. My first service is due at 1000km so I was just wondering if I should get my bike serviced before I store it away for winter or if I should just store it and then get it serviced as soon as spring rolls around. I heard...
  5. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    I was riding and saw what I thought was water across the road (it's been raining like crazy so that would be normal runoff). However when I rode through I smelled oil. To test things I braked hard and the ABS kicked in on the front wheel which is abnormal. A few hundred yards later I braked hard...
  6. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    Hi, I'm in Vietnam and my ninja 300 has been passed first 500 km. I took it to kawasaki dealer in my city for oil changing. They have two oil types: Motul 300V 10W40 and Eni I-Ride Moto2 5W-40. I chose Eni 5W40 because it's cheaper and seems to be more suitable in Vietnam weather condition...
  7. Ninja 300 Service and Maintenance
    Do I need to drain all my oil if I'm going to replace the stator? I just changed my oil couple days ago .. Or can I just reuse same oil thank you!
  8. General Track Discussion
    I everyone. I am using Motul 300v 15w50 in my n300, i race in my local track in the national championship #KawasakiSharkCupColombia, i have used this oil all my motorcycle's life, but because of costs in my contry it is a little bit complicated keep using this oil. I am thinking to change to...
  9. Ninja 300 Issues and Troubleshooting
    I purchased my bike back in october of this year, about 6400 miles to date. After my last ride I noticed a slight coating of fluid in the front of the engine, I think its an oil/dirt mixture. I wiped it clean and had to put it away for the winter. Images are a little hard to see, but the fluid...
  10. Ninja 300 Issues and Troubleshooting
    So I rode my 2012 300 home and couldn't click the bike into neutral so just threw the stand down and left it as I've had a few issues before. Went to start my bike today and the bike wouldn't start, nor click into neutral. Just the red oil level, looked at the oil levels and it was pretty much...
  11. Ninja 300 Service and Maintenance
    Just changed my oil for the first time on my 2014 ninja SE for the first time since i got it from the dealer and let me tell you... BIGGEST pain in the ass EVER! lol The oil was no big deal, the filter is where things got fun. Tried getting it off with the strap wrench... nope. After that i...
  12. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    Alright, so I brought the Ninja in today for the first service (1000 km).. :emot-bang: Anyways, after I picked up the bike and paid the hefty fee of $180 bucks, I took it out on my favorite run. I noticed it wasn't running like it was before I brought it in, it had some weird ticking noise to it...
  13. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    How often do you check your engine oil level? This engine revvs very high and can use some oil in normal use. The oil capacity is quite small (compared to a car for instance) so you must check your oil level at least once a week (the owner's manual recommends it be checked daily). Low oil level...
  14. Ninja 300 Service and Maintenance
    With all the oil questions and being that time of the year (for us Canadians and Northerners anyways) it's time to do your last oil change and put the bike away for the winter season :( I know it sucks, and was damn cold riding in -5C weather. Now everyone loves videos, or not cause then you...
1-14 of 14 Results