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  1. New Members Introduction
    Hi guys, I've been interested in getting a first bike for a while and am keen to hit the roads of Sydney. A few of my mates in the area already ride. Been looking on ebay and gumtree for a reliable used bike to smoothly switch from 4 wheels to 2. I recently got my bike learners, bought gear and...
  2. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    Well i am new to riding street legal. I have been riding dirt bikes for a about 2 years but i am looking to buy a motorcycle finally. I want the ninja 300 for obvious reasons. I am just wondering if anybody has any advice or anything at all. (pricing,suggestions,insurance,gear, etc...) The more...
  3. New Members Introduction
    Hey Riders! My name is Martin, I am 17 years old and live in Germany Düsseldorf (next to Cologne). Yes, I am not a rider yet, but when I become 18 in march, I am going to buy a green Ninja 300 SE '14 :woohoo2_smilie: I fell in love with bikes in the age of 16, but didnt go for a 125cc (I hate...
  4. New Members Introduction
    I'm a new rider from South Carolina. Recently bought a new 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS SE (Pearl Stardust White). So far it's a great commuter bike, as well as riding just for fun.
  5. New Rider Section
    Hello all I am looking into purchasing a Ninja 300 and I have some questions. 1. Should I buy new or used? 2. If I buy a used bike what questions do I need to ask the seller to make sure the bike is good? (I will be taking any bike to a mechanic to get it looked at before I make the purchase...
  6. New Members Introduction
    How's it goin everybody My name is Britni, I'm from San Diego, and I just joined this forum today! I joined because I've always been into motorcycles and now I'm taking the first steps into really getting my dream going! I'm taking the MSF course at the end of this month and I'm super excited...
  7. New Members Introduction
    Hi everyone, I'm a new rider on a new 2013 pearl stardust white 300. I'm Rafael or ralfie, whichever you prefer. I'm excited to ride the beautiful bike and just as excited to ride with others :p
  8. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    I have no credit history, so my wife is going to cosign for me. what kind of credit score would she need to be able to finance? and would the amount of down payment make a difference in getting the loan or not? i have $1500 to put down. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED :) Thanks.
  9. New Members Introduction
    Hello all, My brother and I just picked up our first bikes and couldn't be happier. Mine a Ninja 300's SE-ABS (Canadian Edition - Me thinks) and his a Black ABS model. Pics of the bikes below from our first weekend ride! :) http://i1103.photobucket.com/albums/g469/gjrevans/jpeg_zpsd656dc9b.jpeg
  10. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    I'm a new rider and have zero motorcycle buddys. Any of you guys near Mi. i'm in Westland (I sound desperate trying to make friends via net lol).
  11. New Members Introduction
    Hello to everyone from Goshen Indiana. Just got my 300 SE on Tuesday and cant wait to learn how to ride. This is my first bike so I am a little nervous but picking it up fairly well.
  12. New Rider Section
    Hi guys/girls, new rider, buying my first bike (Ninja 300) very soon and just wondering if there's any custom exhausts anyone could recommend or stick with the stock? Not wanting to spend TOO much, around £100-£300 if that's possible, maybe more. I've seen videos on youtube of danmoto exhausts...
  13. New Members Introduction
    I've been riding since February of this month. I'm from Fort Myers Florida but i'm active duty so i'm stationed at Fort Hood, Texas right now. Soon will be moving to Virginia. I ride a white 300 and so far I love it. Haven't made any modifications to it yet because I got sent to school right...
  14. New Members Introduction
    Hey everyone, I've been a member for a month or two now and will be getting my SE Ninja 300 in two weeks. My price was $4,999 not counting dealer fees. I love that there's no sales tax in OR :D I finished Basic Rider Training (BRT Oregon) on the 21st and got my endorsement on the 22nd! I'm...
  15. New Rider Section
    I'll preface by stating the obvious. I'm a new rider, this is my first motorcycle, and I literally got on a motorcycle for the first time 3 days ago. Also, I'm signed up for the local safety course, but they were completely full for 3 weeks, so I'm just riding around the neighborhood practicing...
  16. New Members Introduction
    Just got my Ninja 300 two days ago and have already put 130 miles on it. If anybody is around the Billings area hit me up!
  17. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    I am a new rider and am searching for a bike. I will be taking the safety course in about a month but am searching for a bike to buy after graduation. I have been looking into the Kawi ninja 300. I am 6 1' and 190lbs. I guess I just have a few questions about the bike. I'll mostly be riding...
  18. New Members Introduction
    Hey whats up guys just picked up my Kawi yesterday. I freaking love it. A little about me, am a newly grad doctor by profession. I've been riding since I was 16, I'm 31 now. Learned off an R6 (very scary point in my life) and since have owned a honda CB400 and Yamaha FZR 400 ( had them back in...
  19. New Members Introduction
    Just picked up my first bike! I am excited to experience everything about the 300 as well as the riding culture. Any advice is appreciated and encouraged, I am inquisitive by nature so learning is exciting to me. If you live in San Diego, I would enjoy someone to learn to ride from or even to...
  20. New Rider Section
    I'm a 'returning rider' having bought my 300 a couple of months ago. At the outset I assumed that I would be able to go right back to peg dragging. Guess what? I found out on day one that it doesn't work that way. Basically, I spent the first couple of weeks having the 'new rider experience'...
21-40 of 40 Results