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  1. Ninja 300 Appearance & Modifications
    Hi everyone, i own a ninja 250r 2010 model and as the bike is bit outdated soo im planning to covert the front fairing into new ninja 300 or z250. “Is it possible to convert” ? Thanks
  2. Ninja 300 Parts & Accessories
    I've seen a couple bikes that have a custom lower right fairing that extends further back to cover more of the exhaust pipe and I really like the look. Anyone know what I'm talking about/know where to buy them? I doubt everyone that has them has had them manufactured for them, someone has to...
  3. Ninja 300 Appearance & Modifications
    I've been looking to add rearsets to my bike, but I'm worried there might be a problem with the space between them and my exhaust. I've currently got the full Yoshimura R-77 exhaust set up, which obviously allows more clearance than stock, but I'm still hesitant. Anyone know if this combination...
1-3 of 3 Results