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  1. Ninja 300 Issues and Troubleshooting
    Hi everyone, so I've read through some threads of what I thought could be closely related problems, however I feel the need to post my own thread. The background story: I am a beginner rider. I bought a used 2015 Ninja 300 30th Anniversary Edition with 19000 km on the clock. The previous...
  2. Ninja 300 Service and Maintenance
    Hey guys, Following are the links to my two video tutorials: Fairing + Tank Removal. Any feedback is welcome, hope it is helpful for anyone working on their Ninja 300! Cheers, TiltMoto
  3. New Members Introduction
    I get my 2nd hand Kawasaki Ninja 300 in two days. Does anyone know what fuel she takes - normal petrol or unleaded petrol? Does it make a difference?
  4. Ninja 300 Issues and Troubleshooting
    ECO Indicator Disappearing I did a quick search but couldn't find anything on the topic... Anyways, I've only had the bike about a month, 2013 Ninja 300. 1,800 miles on it, and today I installed short adjustable throw levers on the bike. I don't know if this is coincidence or causation with...
  5. New Rider Section
    Hey guys, So back in February I noticed my bike had a flat front tire. I tried to put air and see if it would hold but a few hours later it was flat again. I was supposed to remove the wheel and go buy a new one, but the weather was pretty bad for a couple of weeks (raining every other day) so...
  6. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    Hey guys. Roughly how far have you gotten during your fuel warning blinking? i.e. When you're running low. In case you didn't know the owner's manual indicates it starts blinking when there's 3.5L remaining. I'm on a brand new Ninja 300 ABS in Australia. Temperature has ranged between...
  7. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    Post your honest city/highway numbers here. Prospective buyers want to know. :)
1-7 of 7 Results