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first bike

  1. New Rider in STL

    New Members Introduction
    Hello all! Just bought my first bike (2013 Ninja 300) earlier this week, I had no prior riding experience before taking the MSF course. Now that I have my own bike I can't stop thinking about when my next ride will be. It's been a blast the first few days I've had it. Joined up here to read up...
  2. First service and the ECU

    Ninja 300 General Discussion
    I was told by the salesman at the dealership I bought my bike from that I was to bring my bike back after 600 miles for the first service and during that service they were to also turn my ECU on. Now this smells like a full load of b.s. to me. I've been trying to find info online about this but...
  3. Starter bike for 16 year old?

    Ninja 300 General Discussion
    I passed my drivers test in October, and I'm going to take a motorcycle safety course in the spring. I've been into motorcycles my whole life and I feel as though the ninja 300 is pretty well suited as a starter bike. I looked into the ninja 250R, but I like the styling on the 300 much more. I...
  4. 2013 Ninja vs 2008 Ninja

    Ninja 300 General Discussion
    So a good friend of mine is picking up her 2008 Ninja 250 today. The bike appears to be in good condition (no rust, no scratches, etc) and only has 1,300 miles. She asked me to ride it home. I'm very comfortable on my Ninja 300 but I'm curious if there is going to be a big difference between...
  5. Ninja 300 SE ABS - First Time Rider (Australia)

    New Members Introduction
    Hey all, The other month I got it in my head to get my Motor Bike License. I'm 36 Yrs old and have never ridden a Motor Bike before. Public transport in Sydney is rubbish and the bike offers greater freedom for my work commute...so he we go.... Did the Pre Learners course at Granville...
  6. Special Edition Arrived!!!!

    New Members Introduction
    Hey hey !! Whats up Guys. I purchased my Ninja 300R 3 weeks ago, Man i cant explain how feels and the emotion when i buy my first bike!! :D, I am from Panama in central america. So if anyone want a feedback from a HOT country about the 300R just tell me! Some pictures submited =p any...
  7. Questions about getting a first bike

    New Rider Section
    Hi, I have never touched a bike before and am very interested. I live in DE and one reason why I would like one is because most places from point A to B is more than 30 mins. I am told to get a used bike, but I am a bit picky. The person at the dealership said if I have the money to blow, to...