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  1. Juliana learning to ride her Ninja 300 SE for the first time!

    New Rider Section
    Hi all! Here's a video of me teaching Juliana how to ride for the first time. She has since passed her MSF course and has her M1! We've also gone on several canyon rides and she just absolutely loves her 300. Now I just need to get her to set up an account on the forum so that she can join all...
  2. Female rider just starting

    New Members Introduction
    Hello, hello! I´m not used to trow a presentation of myself when joining forums, but eeh, guess the time is come.. :emot-ninja: Female, living in Norway. I'm half Korean, so hoping to be a real Ninja someday.... I'm turning 24yrs (you need to be 24 to get a license on big bikes here, not the...
  3. Any riders in Avondale/Phoenix area?

    Events and Meets
    Hi everyone. My names Grace. I'm a very new rider, was going to get a 300 but decided on a slightly used 250 instead. I actually just got my endorsement a few days ago. :) The reason I'm posting here is because the 250 forums are pretty dead and this one is more active. And I figure there's...
  4. New female rider in san diego

    New Members Introduction
    How's it goin everybody My name is Britni, I'm from San Diego, and I just joined this forum today! I joined because I've always been into motorcycles and now I'm taking the first steps into really getting my dream going! I'm taking the MSF course at the end of this month and I'm super excited...