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engine rebuild

  1. Looking to rebuild 2013 Ninja 300 ABS engine

    Ninja 300 Service and Maintenance
    I was going 95 in the fast lane last month when my engine started losing power. All lights stayed on, but power just started going away and I had to pull out on the fast lane median. Installed a brand new battery in it, solenoid clicks, does not turn whatsoever. Got it towed to the dealership...
  2. Weird text on my Ninja 300 engine

    Ninja 300 General Discussion
    Hi all, I just bought my first bike, a 2014 ninja 300 used with about 1500 miles on it. Everything checked out when I bought it, the VIN number was clean, and everything was working. However, it wasn't until after I have already purchased the bike and rode it back home when I noticed that...