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  1. Ninja 300 Issues and Troubleshooting
    I have a 2014 ninja 300se abs. It was having battery troubles earlier, where the battery was slowly losing charge, and I had to jump start a few times. The last time I jumped my ninja the battery instantly lost all charge, my car I was jumping it off of almost died, and the main fuse blew (I...
  2. Ninja 300 Issues and Troubleshooting
    Hi, i got a ninja 300 as a project so it was completely taken apart and now im putting it back together. Working on the wiring atm but couldnt figure out exactly where this ground should be attached, im guessing its going to the engine somewhere? Thanks in advance! 😋
  3. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    Long time lurker, first time poster. Last night, while riding back home, the battery light came on. I just pressed on and reached home. The battery is a WPS Featherweight Li-ion battery and I've used it for about 30,000mi. Only once has it gone completely flat when I left the lights on; I...
  4. Ninja 300 Issues and Troubleshooting
    I just installed a Motodynamic integrated tail light and an amazon fender eliminator. When the bike is on, the tail light doesn't light up but when I hit the brakes it does. The blinkers also aren't working and I think the 2 little running lights up front are also off. Everything related to the...
  5. Ninja 300 Issues and Troubleshooting
    Yesterday and today I have been replacing my head bearings with tapered ones from Pyramid. I was putting it all back together and must have tugged on the wiring a little too much and am now having intermittent electrical issues. I have traced it down to one cluster of wires, the ones that run to...
  6. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    For some of you guys that have been around the block a time or two, maybe you can help me with this. I am going to buy a battery tender and a LED underglows for my bike. Im going to have two different colors of LED, One green for the fairings and under the bike and red ones that i will have...
1-6 of 6 Results