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  1. Cleaning and Detailing
    My black Ninja 300 unfortunately has some light surface scratches (right-side) and swirling. Having never done any sort of detailing, I'm looking at the best way to address these issues (and the bike is hibernating for the winter, so I feel like it's a good time for it!). What products...
  2. Cleaning and Detailing
    SON1C Synopsis 78 is a video review of 1z Glas Polish, I really strive to not create negative reviews but I was severely disappointed with this product. . full thoughts and demonstration in the video.
  3. Cleaning and Detailing
    SON1C Synopsis 77 is my video review of Mothers Back-To-Black Tire Renew. This is a Spray on and wipe off tire cleaner . . . so it is a rinseless tire cleaner what an awesome product to pair with rinseless washing and or as a mobile detailer. This is my latest video on rinseless washing and...
  4. Cleaning and Detailing
    In this video tutorial and review I showcase how to rinseless wash this black mustang gt, however the same methods and tips will apply to rinseless washing your motorcycle. I am going to make a dedicated motorcycle rinseless wash video soon. I also discuss rinseless tire cleaning.
  5. Cleaning and Detailing
    SON1C Synopsis 72 : CarPro - Iron-X Soap Gel Review (Wash & Foam Cannon) Ninja 250 In this video I discuss the CarPro Iron-X Soap Gel and showcase it's use in the MTM Hydro Foam Cannon as well as Wash Bucket & direct application. Huge shout out to Will Russel of Xclusive AutoWorks / Detailers...
1-5 of 5 Results