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  1. Ninja 300 Parts & Accessories
    Hi I sold my Ninja and kept the Custom seat I had gotten made by Terry's Customer Seats. It is the non Textured Vinyl. The new Seat might only have 200 Miles on it. it's in mint shape. if interested let me know. I am in Canada but will ship to USA as well.
  2. Ninja 300 Appearance & Modifications
    Hello, I’ll start by saying sorry if this is a disgrace to the community. I know this defeats the purpose of the ninja 300 and i know this is purely for looks. Please only comment if u can help point me in the direction to correct parts. I see plenty of pictures of custom swing arms and...
  3. Ninja 300 Parts & Accessories
    Found a gentlemen to make a custom seat for me. I’ve only ridden around the block so far, i’ll update shorty after some miles.
  4. Ninja 300 Parts & Accessories
    I've seen a couple bikes that have a custom lower right fairing that extends further back to cover more of the exhaust pipe and I really like the look. Anyone know what I'm talking about/know where to buy them? I doubt everyone that has them has had them manufactured for them, someone has to...
  5. Ninja 300 Appearance & Modifications
    Hey guys, I decided to sharpen up my digital pen and draft a visualization in Photoshop for what mods I want to do on my bike and get some input. Let me know what you think, and I'd love to hear what other mods you think will compliment my design! All of this stuff is for looks, performance...
  6. Ninja 300 Appearance & Modifications
    My first thread on this forum, so hi all enjoying the site Installed ProBolts fairing kit :), not sure on the exhaust bolts, yay or nay?? Kit included a very generous amount of copper grease and 2 Allen keys (you need an additional 5mm to remove stock bolts) All the bolts on my amp are...
  7. Kawasaki Ninja 300 Pictures
    "BlackBarbie" :) Check out my thread in the Mods forum for more pics http://www.kawasakininja300.com/forum/12-ninja-300-appearance-modifications/3672-my-black-barbie-pink-black-everything-custom-work.html
  8. New Members Introduction
    *MY FIRST THREAD!* CHECK OUT THE CUSTOM WORK I HAD DONE! SHE'S SUPER SEXY!:cool: -Lowering Kit -Custom powder coated EVERYTHING! -Pinkish/Purple "eyes" and lights with 3 settings (Still, Flash/Strobe, and Breathe) -Black TwoBrothers Carbon Fiber Exhaust My pockets hurt but I LOVE looking...
1-8 of 10 Results