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  1. Clip-ons: the definitive answer

    Ninja 300 Parts & Accessories
    There are so many conflicting opinions about clip-ons so I wanted to start this thread and get some serious answers. 1) Which clip-ons have the most adjustability? 2) which clip-ons have clearance issues with stock brake lines? 3) which clip-ons go below the triple trees vs on top? 4) what's...
  2. HOW-TO: FREE Weighted Bar Ends for Clip-Ons

    Ninja 300 Appearance & Modifications
    The stock bar ends are weighted to reduce vibration and fatigue so why not use them on your brand new clip-ons that came with plastic caps?? Here's what you'll need: 2x OEM bar ends 2x 2.5" countersunk head bolts 2x nuts to match the bolt 1x lawnmower fuel line (home depot carries this) 1. Cut...