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  1. New Rider Section
    Im new to motorbiking as im getting my L's next week here in Adelaide Australia. I've done my research and have narrowed my search down to two bikes. One is a Special Ed ABS Ninja 300 with about 9k on the odo. Completely stock and ready to go. The other is a Ninja 300 Black with 5500 on the...
  2. Riding Gear and Apparel
    So I was browsing through the net for some new motorcycle gear, and I stumbled across a website with unbelievable prices called: http://www.motorama.it/en/ I was wondering if anyone on this forum has previously ordered from this website, is it legit/safe to purchase from, and how long it took...
  3. Ninja 300 Appearance & Modifications
    Took off my rear fender assembly to see what my bike looked like clean and decided it would be easy to make my own FE.. So i ran to Home Depot and got a bracket (used for building with lumber :D); drilled 5 holes in it (4 for the bolts; 1 for the plate light) and used the license plate mount...
1-3 of 4 Results