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  1. What is it like riding in Canada?

    Hi I'm from the UK and may be moving to Canada in the near future. I'm 23 with a restricted A2 licence (bikes under 47bhp). I was wondering what it is like riding in Canada compared to UK. What are the licences, laws, general knowledge or anything I should know before riding. Thanks in advance!
  2. First Freeway Sprint of the Year - Not a POV!

    Kawasaki Ninja 300 Videos
    Woke up this Saturday morning feeling a bit stressed with a bunch of different jobs that needed to be done around the house. After a long work week, I decided to put everything at the bottom of the priority list and just go for a ride. Hope you guys enjoy! (I know some enjoy the sound of the...
  3. Good Riding Roads in Ontario

    East Coast - Canada
    Hey guys, I found this Garmin gpx file packed with riding routes from another forum. Converted it to Google Maps then hosted the html on my dropbox folder. Check it out: http://bit.ly/17kxYEC