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  1. First Bike

    New Members Introduction
    Hey guys! I'm looking into getting my first bike soon. Everything I've read and looked at points towards the 300, so I guess that's what I'll be saving for! I'm 18, 5/10, about 125 pounds. Any suggestions or advice of any kind? Is there any useless parts I can take off to reduce weight? Where...
  2. Any riders in Avondale/Phoenix area?

    Events and Meets
    Hi everyone. My names Grace. I'm a very new rider, was going to get a 300 but decided on a slightly used 250 instead. I actually just got my endorsement a few days ago. :) The reason I'm posting here is because the 250 forums are pretty dead and this one is more active. And I figure there's...
  3. new rider and happy 300 owner

    New Members Introduction
    Hello everyone! I'm from Arizona. I've had my ebony 300 for a couple months now. Just over 1,000 miles on it. I LOVE IT! It's my first bike and I couldn't have asked for a more beginner-friendly motorcycle. Anyone on here live in Arizona? Valley area?
  4. Phoenix, AZ riders out there?

    Hey guys I just got my 300 a couple weeks ago and I'm lookin for some riding buddies!!