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  1. How to gain extra HP from the Ninja!

    Ninja 300 Appearance & Modifications
    Just kidding (sorta ) ! lol I've just bought and tried out for the first time my new *Oxford Big Black Bike (lol) motorbike stand. Got the set for $100 from a local motorbike shop ( bargain ) Also just cleaned the chain and lubed it up very nicely. Would recommend these stands because...
  2. Budget Gear for new riders

    Riding Gear and Apparel
    A day well spent ... Just purchased my latest gear and thought I would share it with all my fellow riders. I'm a newby rider and this is my first load out. Being from Australia i sourced out most of my gear from on-line and the USA mainly as it is so much cheaper because everything is so OP...
  3. FS/FT: Alpinestars Blue Leather Jacket

    Parts and Gear for sale
    I have here a US 44 / EUR 54 Alpinestars mx-1 jacket. Originally priced at $399+ http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/1261/i/alpinestars-mx-1-leather-jacket Reason I'm selling is because it's too big. Willing to trade for US 40 or sell at $250. I bought from a friend before he moved thinking it...
  4. Alpinestars Track Leather Pants Blue

    Parts and Gear for sale
    These pants are flawless, always dry cleaned and leather shampooed. used only 5 times during track days and have never met the pavement. Brand-new pucks! Retail price is $479.95, It's yours for $200. If you have a two piece jacket, you're able to zip it with the jacket. Size: 36 US / 52. I'm...
  5. Gear For Sale!

    Parts and Gear for sale
    Clearing out gears. Prices includes shipping. ALPINESTARS SMX-1 BOOTS: size 42 (it says size 8 USA but it for me it feels mo like 9 - 9.5 ….please verify prior) ----- $90 ****SOLD**** ALPINESTARS SMX-4 BOOTS: size 42 (it says size 8 USA but it for me it feels mo like 9 - 9.5 ….please verify...
  6. Help Deciding new gear (Jacket)

    Riding Gear and Apparel
    Hi first off i am a newbie when it comes to buying all this gear and new to riding (yet to get my 300) i have decided on a few items just unsure of the jacket. so far i have chose the item below but is there anything i should be specifically looking for when buy all this stuff?:confused: Shoei...
  7. Gloves

    Riding Gear and Apparel
    Although I am aware that there are several things asking about gloves, there are two specific ones that I am looking at that I am not sure of which one I am going to get just yet: Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon Gloves and Alpinestars SP-X Gloves I am willing to look at others but these have...
  8. Alpinestars Back Protector

    Riding Gear and Apparel
    So I just received my Alpinestars Jaws Perforated Leather Jacket and I was wondering for those of you that have Alpinestars jackets if it is okay to get the regular $40 bionic back protector or if you think I should just go ahead and get the race level one that snaps in? And the reason I jump to...