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  1. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    Gentlemen, lady, Hi just learning how to wheelie. Got it down pretty good but have not got up to balance point yet. A little scary to me do you guys think practicing on a bicycle will help at all ?:confused:
  2. New Members Introduction
    I'm 20 years old and just got my permit today! ...I'm excited to finally (legally) ride in the streets instead of just around residential areas. Anyone have tips?
  3. New Rider Section
    I'm a new rider on a 2014 Ninja 300 SE. I've had the bike for about 3 weeks now and I'm still getting used to its limits and abilities. I took the MSF course and I've started reading Twist of the Wrist II to increase my knowledge and improve my riding. I'm 5'6", 220lbs (probably closer to...
  4. New Members Introduction
    Hello everyone, i just made an account because I want to become part of the motorcycle community. I have never rode on dirt bikes, quads, or anything of that sort. So, driving a motorcycle will be something extremely new to me. I have no friends or family that ride, and am not planning on taking...
  5. New Members Introduction
    Hello, I'm a fairly experienced rider but have been out of the game for the past 6 years. Having a kid will slow you up a bit. My wife and I just ordered two 300's this weekend and they should be in this week. I bought the white SE and she got the solid black. This will be her first bike and has...
  6. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    Well i am new to riding street legal. I have been riding dirt bikes for a about 2 years but i am looking to buy a motorcycle finally. I want the ninja 300 for obvious reasons. I am just wondering if anybody has any advice or anything at all. (pricing,suggestions,insurance,gear, etc...) The more...
  7. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    Hi, so I have a question. I usually never ride with anyone on my bike because I had it lowered. Well this weekend my husband's bike stopped working and so we had to leave it at the person's house where it broke down at. so my husband drove my bike and I hopped on the back. Turns out when we got...
1-7 of 7 Results