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  1. South Australia
    Hi guys, I live out at Mount Barker, SA, looking to meet up and have a ride with other Ninja owners, really not fussed, for some chill fun Adelaide Hills rides. :) I'm new to motorcycling, done only 400km in the saddle so far, and keen to meet other riders! Regards, Sam C.
  2. South Australia
    :waveysmilie: Wassup my fellow south Australians! Just wanted to see if their were any other riders on here from Adelaide that can shed some light on some good places to ride to around the state and explore. We have good roads here, can't wait to go out there and explore.
  3. South Australia
    riding through the northern flinders ranges south oz Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  4. Events and Meets
    Would love to get some riders together to go for a ride in the hills etc. Anyone ride in adelaide?
  5. Crash Boom Bang
    Hi guys and gals! I'm a new member to the forums and would like to share my story of coming of the bike. I am new to riding. Had only been riding for just over a month before i came off (definitely an eye opener). Just got the bike's first service done a few days earlier so i was really...
1-5 of 5 Results