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  1. Ninja 300 Parts & Accessories
    Hi, I've heard that there is a yoke nut that can replace the current nut to fit a ram mount. Anyone know where to get it? Thanks
  2. Parts and Gear for sale
    Hi Everyone, I sold my 2014 ninja and have some accessories for sale. I have included links to the ebay listings for reference. http://www.ebay.com/itm/KAWASAKI-2013-2014-NINJA-300R-CYCLEMOUNT-MIRROR-BLOCK-OFF-PLATES-PAIR-/271952961776?hash=item3f51a8e0f0:g:gBMAAOSwMmBVxRBK&vxp=mtr...
  3. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    Hello, my name is Robert Domanski, my brother and I own a manufacturing/ fabrication company ( Domanski Fabrication) and it just so happens I bought a 2013 ninja 300. I am thinking of producing a line of parts for the 300 ninja. My question is, what accessories would you like to see on the...
  4. Ninja 300 Parts & Accessories
    I found a website (Australian) that sells the Ninja 300 OEM parts! very cheap http://mototech.com.au/oempart-sections.php?sectionType=&brandId=1&year=2013&modelTypeId=169&modelId=913&sectionTypeStatus=0&searchOEM=Go I have a Special Edition so it will come up in that colour, but you can chose...
1-4 of 5 Results