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  1. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    Hey guys, New rider here and I am confused by my Ninja 300 if it is a 300..... I was reviewing my documents for the bike and I noticed the frame number starts with EX250L. This would mean(I think) that the bike is a Ninja 250. However when I google EX250L it says that the model does not have...
  2. Ninja 300 General Discussion
    Hey guys i just bought my first bike, sadly not a 300.. its an 09 ninja 250 and the rubber seal around the keyhole is sticking out a bit, i dont know if this is a big deal or not but ive been told i should get it replaced. If this is true, where can i get a new one. Also as a side question...
  3. New Members Introduction
    Hi guys, New rider from malaysia just got new kawasaki ninja 250 2013. Here we dont have ninja 300 kinda sad really. Can i still posting and joining you guys?
  4. Motorcycles for sale
    I'm posting this listing on behalf of a good friend, Sal, who's looking to move on to a ZX-6R. He's the original owner and has taken immaculate care of the bike. This bike was purchased new from the Chaparral Motorsports Dealership. For what it's worth, I will likely be present at the time of...
  5. New Rider Section
    Im a new rider...never rode a bike before where should i start older 250 or a brand new 300i have heard various opinions i dont even know if iwill like riding i jis want one any advice?
1-5 of 5 Results