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SparkyMJ 07-13-2019 06:19 AM

Can slip ons be this bad??
Hey all,

So being the cheap college student I am, I thought Id try the Danmoto carbon GP pipe on my 300, and since the first street I rode with it, it has been an absolute disappointment.

First off, it's deafening. I know there's a baffle, but I've already decided after spending an entire day riding that Im selling it, so if anyone wants it cheap PM. It caused literal ringing in my ears on the freeway, at no speed can I hear any music at all.

Second, it sounds literally like just a straight pipe, but literally only slightly quieter. Super brappy, super deep. Down in low RPMs, it doesn't sound bad, but it sounds like a Subaru on steroids. Up high it sounds like insane flapping, clopping type popping, and across the whole range, its just that deafeningly loud noise that almost conceals all other sounds. I know some like it loud, and I do like some volume as well, but I was not expecting the tone to be so harsh, especially up high.

Third, it totally wrecked engine performance. It only makes slightly raised torque levels at 3-4k, which I was able to actually accelerate harder in higher gears in this range, but everything else after that was total garbage. The higher I revved it up, the more it sounded like it was gonna explode, and the more the power and torque tapered off. It was so bad, I swear, that it made almost the exact same torque at like 5 and 10k, super awful. The stock pipe has nothng down under 5k, which is fine. It totally wakes up around 7, and smoothly increases performance with more rpm after that, like it should.

Literally everything about the actual performance and experience of actually using this pipe was bad. I didn't expect a lot from a cheapo pipe that costs 130 bucks, but all the reviews I had seen were either satisfactory or above. What the heck? It was downright a waste of money in my opinion...

I am an individual who likes fine tuning things, I like to find the performance changes from all the little adjustments you can make, so maybe I am just picky? I wanted to like the pipe, but everything was bad. There was no compromises, trade-offs, only losses.

I am surprised that just a slip on can ruin performance so much. I have run the bike with no pipe before just to experience it, and now that I think about it, it performs almost exactly the same with the slip on installed. Zero torque across the board, awful sounds, and a ton of backfires, and popping.

Could I possibly have done something wrong? I've got no other engine mods. Stock air filter as well, and its in great shape, recently replaced. I was under the impression that slip ons generally don't need a power commander or fuel controller, and that there would be almost negligible performance changes with a slip on anyway. Boy was I wrong, at least with this one in particular. Pretty sure it wasn't leaking either.

Am I missing something? Is this just how a cheap open pipe slip on performs? Whats bad about this compared to say a good, name brand pipe of the same open style?

And lastly, are there any quality exhaust upgrades for not 3-500 dollars? I saw another post with a similar mindset to mine, that I like the stock pipe sounds, but not the volume.

Any good experiences with slip ons, cheap or expensive? Power gains, even tiny ones? Honestly I just want stock pipe performance with better sound, slightly louder.

Any comments welcome,

Granpooba 07-13-2019 10:30 AM

I stayed with the STOCK muffler on my Ninja. :surprise:
First I did not have to research a bunch of after market mufflers. :wink2:
Secondly it was cheap, as it came with the bike. :smile2:

And finally , speaking from experience :excl: That loud noise that everybody seeks, wants, hears, is only destroying your hearing.

People do not realize it in their younger years, but in their later years, they will wonder why their ears are ringing and they have tinnitus. Well folks, the answer is simple, go back to your youth and blame it on all of the loud sounds that you wanted to hear.

It is just that simple and my only recommendation is , " DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND KEEP IT QUIET " . :emot-thumbsup:

iahawk 07-13-2019 12:39 PM

as you've discovered, slip ons are for looks and sound only. If anything, they slightly degrade performance.

I went with a Leo Vince slip on. Much lighter than stock and I love the more aggressive sound (and look) with the baffle in. I never take the baffle out, it's too obnoxious. I also never ride without ear plugs.

There will be a million different opinions on what is the 'best' slip on...most just find the best combination of price, look and sound.

If you haven't done it, try putting your baffle in, you may be surprised at the new sound. As for putting on a whole new exhaust you'll find many threads on here discussing the minimal power increase gained with an exhaust. If you're looking for a fast bike the Ninja 300 will never be it. Buy a bigger bike if you want more power.

Granpooba 07-13-2019 05:03 PM

People can argue the point if they choose to, but here is the scoop. It also came from a good friend that was once upon a time on the Yamaha Factory race team.

Even though that stock muffler on your bike may not meet your appearance, or sound requirements. A lot of factory engineering / test time went into those mufflers to achieve the most performance from the complete engine, muffler package.

Its just that simple. Thus, you are better off sticking with the stock factory mufflers. :TMWsign__smilie:

UNLESS :excl: :excl: YOU are into racing " BIG TIME " and doing a lot of mods. Also, what I mean by BIG TIME is that you have a lot of BIG ... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ , with access to some very good dyno's and test equipment. :grin2:

myarza 07-14-2019 01:31 PM

I was on the fence on whether or not to drop some serious money on a slip on. I have mixed feelings about my decision mainly because changing the exhaust led to also dropping money on an air filter and fuel controller. Additional 300 spent. But from my experience the additional cost of the filter and fuel controller was absolutely necessary after installing the exhaust. Without these 2 additional upgrades the bikes “ride ability” imo was worse than stock. The fuel cut off was more abrupt, the throttle was anything but smooth and I also had a lot of back firing during deceleration which was cool at first but quickly became annoying. The fuel controller corrected all 3 issues for me. So why upgrade the exhaust in the first place. For me it was for looks and a little weight savings. I wasn’t at all looking for performance upgrade. But imo if you are going to change the exhaust be prepared to spend more money on additional mods to make everything work right. Honestly with plans on stepping up to a biker bike within the next 2 riding season if I had to do it all again I would have left it stock. But no regrets I love my 300.

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ElPasoNinja 07-16-2019 07:41 PM

I have the 2 bros carbon slip on (kinda pricey) and without the baffle it was crazy loud and probably losing some torque due to lack of back pressure or whatever. Got the baffle for it and it's much better, just a bit louder than stock and performance close enough to stock to not matter, get the occasional pop on decel, but not much. In the end, I wish I would have just left the stock exhaust. I love to speed, better to speed quietly than attracting all that unwanted attention from a loud exhaust.

MAL 07-16-2019 09:57 PM


Originally Posted by SparkyMJ (Post 1710003)
I know there's a baffle, but I've already decided after spending an entire day riding that Im selling it, so if anyone wants it cheap PM. It caused literal ringing in my ears on the freeway, at no speed can I hear any music at all.

To each their own. I have a Danmoto Carbon MK2 and love it!
The baffle DEFINITELY reduces the sound volume.

I hated the stock pipe, as it sounded too much like a 50cc scooter to me.

Here's a video of the comparison:

SparkyMJ 07-18-2019 03:52 AM

Interesting points.

Yeah I have concluded I want to keep it stock for sure. I wasn't looking for any power gains at all, I just wanted a bit more sound and a bit less weight. But the compromises were too great. Definitely dont have the cash to drop on either a nicer brand slipon, or any exhaust and a fuel controller and intake.

I do ride my bike super frequently, and sometimes add hearing protection, on top of having an RF1200 helmet and headsock (which is a super quieting combination already) but I've concluded that on this bike for me, it wasn't worth the changes.

I was just utterly shocked at *how much* the single slip on could utterly ruin the bikes ride-ability, jeez.

I was able to sell the Danmoto slip on for 100 bucks within hours, so I guess I'll put that into some of the CRG Spectrum RC levers or something else that actually improves the riding experience for this bike lol.

Cheers, thanks for the input guys.

TwistedGray 07-24-2019 05:13 PM

How do you guys ride without ear plugs? I did for the first decade or so of riding, but riding with ear plugs (not ear buds) significantly improved my post-ride life. It's night and day...I don't ride with music either. I would prefer to hear things around me and find that I enjoy the ride more without the distraction of music.

GreatGreedo 10-15-2019 03:16 AM

I bought a $150 Akrapovic slip on clone from Amazon. I left the DB killer in (but removed the tiny flap(??) at the end). It sounds beautiful! I had to change the stock muffler because it was all dented up (previous owner). I'm not that mechanically inclined and don't know if it made much of a difference in performance but to the hearing world, drivers do appear to shoulder check a little more when I ride close.

and yes, I already have tinnitus

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