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I've had them for around 340 miles or so, so they're still fairly new, but I've liked them so far. Comfortable to ride around in, and then get off the bike and walk around for a while, before getting back on. My feet haven't been getting hot at all, but I also haven't tested them in anything over the mid-80's*F. They are perforated, so I assume they'd be good in hot weather.

In the rain, they are pretty far from waterproof.

Perhaps some slight wear here at where I shift, at least I assume that's where it's come from. Just fraying there at the one seam on the top front where I engage the shifter.

They do cover my ankles, which I like, but they're still comfortable to wear when off the bike.

I do have a knee/tibia guard as well, which is still decently comfortable to wear when off the bike. I went this route over having a huge boot that was awkward to walk in.

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