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Throttle issues in the wet?

Hey all,

Was all giddy to have my 300 fixed, it ran perfect, and today I got stuck in some thick rain, and my throttle was acting up.
The bike sat 2 hours in very heavy wind/rain unfortunately while I was in class. Not like damage concerning amount of rain, but definitely a lot. Then I had to ride it 10 minutes home on the freeway.

Starts up fine, and didn't stall, but the throttle response all across the whole band was dummed down a bit. Not as much pull at all rpms, and when I pulled off the freeway and came to a stop at my exit, it had a lower idle around 1000rpm. It came back up to 1450-1500 (where I set it) when I blipped the throttle. I noticed trouble downshifting because the throttle response was weak, it wouldnt gain enough rpm so it felt.

Got back to my garage, did an oil change I was planning on doing for a while, and while running the bike to get the oil circulated, I noticed if I give it throttle while it is idling, it stutters briefly, then ramps up rpms. Every time it stutters like that, but once its above idle it at least sounds normal.

I am going to let it dry and go out for a nice normal ride probably tomorrow if the weather allows to see if its better. It was running literally perfect before the rain. I've ridden in rain before, but perhaps not this much of it.

Ideas? Things to check? sounds electrical, but I suppose there could be water in places its not supposed to be. Oil had no milk, so no water in there. Also, the motor was surprisingly cold after riding in the rain, even with 10 mins of 70mph operation. Parked and did the oil change like 10 mins later, and I could touch the clutch cover easily, it was lukewarm. Oil was not hot at all, just warm.

Help please!
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