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Well you guys were right! I was able to observe a very slight play in the cush drive when parked, and opened it up and shoved some milk carton plastic in it and the lash was significantly reduced, perhaps 90% better. Didn't think the amount of play I was seeing would make that big of a difference compared to some of the horror stories I have seen online about 250s and practically flopping sprockets.

However, my cush shimming has seemed to wear down very quickly and it is now only slightly better than before the shimming. I put multiple layers of the plastic pieces between the blocks, enough to make it tight enough that I had to put most of my body weight onto the wheel when wiggling the sprocket piece back on to get it to seat.

The rubber as I found before, looks to be in good shape, no tearing or visible deformation or anything, just play that I want out. Should I just get much thicker pieces of plastic and shim the heck out of it and mallet the sprocket back on? It was complete bliss for about half a day, then it was back to lots of clunking.

Thanks for pointing me the right way guys, pretty sure the cush drive was the issue. Just need it keep it fixed.
Thanks in advance.
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