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Dont think its my engine, the motor runs really happily. No noises with the lash either. Perhaps I will investigate the rear cush drive, shimming could help if thats the issue, but I am not sure if it is.

That's also the thing, it is not limited to low speed, I know what jerky throttle response is like at low rpms and such, and this bike didn't do this when I bought it, although that was almost 20,000 miles ago.... I've beat the bike hard since I got it, no crashes, but just a ton of wringing it out and hard shifting. But it was my understanding that most bikes, even sport bikes, if actually maintained, could reach well into the 50-100k miles range. And that transmission "gears" were basically a lifetime item.

I havent tried rolling the rear wheel to see if it moves *without the sprocket moving*, but I know it rolls *with the sprocket*. Like I said, the countershaft where the front sprocket is mounted has a lot of rotational play when the bike is in gear, just sitting. Then again, I am not experienced servicing any other bikes, but I am almost sure the lash I am experiencing is coming from the transmission, because my clutch also has rotational play, when I serviced it a few months ago.

I replaced the clutch, and its great. However, the basket had similar rotational play in it. And get this, for example, when I am engine braking to a stoplight, and finally pull the clutch in, then sometimes I will put the bike in neutral for long lights, and when I let go of the clutch in neutral (engine running of course) I'll hear a "clank", that is the transmission becoming slightly loaded from clutch drag. If that makes sense, it's hard to explain, but I guess what I am trying to say is that the lash is experience-able without the rear wheel even moving, or it being in gear.

I bought the bike for 2k, at 12,000 miles, and now its at right under 30,000 miles, only minor cosmetic damage and a slightly bent right bar. Is it worth the money to potentially replace the transmission or sub components of it? I'd value the bike at around 1500-2000, it's in better shape than when I bought it, but it does have much more wear. Im worried if the trans actually does blow, the bike is totaled. (which may be typical of any sportbike, but even doing the work myself, I am wondering if its worth it)

What options do you guys think I have? Would all 6 gear pairs on the shafts be worn evenly, and just had worn teeth? In which case I would just need all new gears? Or is there a "master" gear that comes off the crankshaft that could be worn down alone? Which is more likely? I would think 1st gear would be way more worn than any others except maybe 6th, but I guess it is a constant mesh straight tooth tranny, and they could all be evenly worn... If its a 500-1000 dollar fix in parts alone, I don't think I would do it, just sell the machine to a learner and save for a new machine.

Any more thoughts guys? Thanks for the input.
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