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Drive train lash anyone?

Hey all,

I've got a '14 300 with 30k miles on it. I really keep up with my maintenance, and just did the valve adjustment myself. The motor runs great, smooth, good power, and only makes some slight ticking noises I would associate with age. However, my transmission has very slowly gotten more and more knock-y and lashy. So when I roll on and off the throttle, it feels like my chain is just totally loose, but it is not. The chain is relatively new as well, DID X-ring chain. Very nice chain btw. And when I changed the sprockets, the rubber dampers in the rear wheel looked okay too.

A few things I have picked up on about this issue:
-it happens in all gears. Therefor, it is not related to a certain gear specifically
-when changing the sprockets, I noticed there was a lot of rotational play in the countershaft, it would rotate perhaps 30-40 degrees back and forth if I remember, it felt like a lot, but my numbers may be inaccurate.
-yes, its still there when my chain is tight, with brand new JT sprockets.

Although drivetrain lash is quite well overcome by good throttle technique, it is still quite annoying.
Is there perhaps a certain single or pair of gears in the transmission shafts that is needing replacement? That is the only thing making my ride not feel premium anymore.
Any help is appreciated.
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