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Oh, yea, for sure. I mean, I rode a pretty good distance in 1st, then eventually 2nd gear to get home And then a very brief spin around the block the following day in 2nd to try some things out.

I suppose I have never tried to change gears with the engine off and with no clutch, but in theory that should be possible if the engine/gears turn enough right? It was more than just rocking it back and forth. I noticed because I usually push my bike out my driveway and down a bit to keep quiet from the neighbors, and I wanted to see what I could do to get any movement or feel from the shift lever.

So, something is definitely broken or bent inside, and I will report back in case anyone has a similar issue in the future.

It is worth noting the bike only has 4000 miles, with 2000 from me over 4 months. No hard shifts or real 'hard' riding, just a pretty basic sub-urban commute. Pretty amazed that anything on one of these ninjas would break in that mileage, so I think it could be helpful for others to find out what is actually going on.

I just wish it happened three weeks ago, in my old massive garage, with all my tools accessible, and an extra vehicle to use while I dug around. I kind of hate bringing something to a mechanic and not actually seeing what is being fixed. Oh well

thanks for the help
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