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Yea, so I had previously removed the external shift linkage parts to make sure they were all straight, and the splined shaft would spin (it did, but its surprising the amount of leverage that little 5 inch linkage puts on the spline, it was tough with a wrench but I think that was to be expected).

I had a new development today. I was all ready to go out and just remove the clutch cover and make a mess of things (not a certainty, but obviously a possibility for a first timer).

I rolled the bike back and forth (50% of issues I've seen with ninja 300s seem to be bent linkages, and 45% were people who had their problem solved by rolling the bike back and forth...)

I pulled the clutch in and tried to find it into a gear with no luck. But then I left it in gear and rolled the bike forward while keeping pressure on the linkage (upshifting). As the bike rolled, I could feel movement in the linkage, and it felt like it was mostly going into the next gear.

I'm a fairly handy person, and while I've never taken apart a motorcycle transmission, it felt like the selector drum was spinning, but then getting caught before full engagement. I suppose it could also have been a 'pawl' rotating to the next gear but not disengaging, which brought me back to my original thought that the return spring (not sure if thats the right name, but there is one at the far right end of the splined 'shifting shaft' ) was getting bound up, or wasn't working.

The final killer is that the battery was dead, and since all my tools are scattered, my garage is 1/3rd the size and filled with moving boxes, and I can't find my trickle charger, the bike will just be going to a professional. I actually have a motorcycle shop .4 miles away that does mostly 'classics', but I'm hoping they will take on my problem. Not only will it save a headache with getting the bike there, but I really want to see what the ultimate problem is. I guess I'm not just the kind of guy to say "Well, now it works!" and this has become a little mystery for me.

So I will let you know, but its internal. I guess its now a question of 'Where', 'Why', and "How Much'?
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