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Interesting points.

Yeah I have concluded I want to keep it stock for sure. I wasn't looking for any power gains at all, I just wanted a bit more sound and a bit less weight. But the compromises were too great. Definitely dont have the cash to drop on either a nicer brand slipon, or any exhaust and a fuel controller and intake.

I do ride my bike super frequently, and sometimes add hearing protection, on top of having an RF1200 helmet and headsock (which is a super quieting combination already) but I've concluded that on this bike for me, it wasn't worth the changes.

I was just utterly shocked at *how much* the single slip on could utterly ruin the bikes ride-ability, jeez.

I was able to sell the Danmoto slip on for 100 bucks within hours, so I guess I'll put that into some of the CRG Spectrum RC levers or something else that actually improves the riding experience for this bike lol.

Cheers, thanks for the input guys.
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