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Seriously, how many of you would ride for miles without any mirrors through traffic? When I ride, I check my mirrors every little bit to ensure that some idiot isn't going to plow into me, especially at stop lights. Safety should always come first. If traffic is so friggin' tight that you have to pull in your mirrors, you shouldn't be lane splitting!

Is this seriously the type of mod we should be advocating on the boards? Especially for new riders? I dare any of you that think that this is a good idea to go and ask an MSF instructor or Police Officer what they think about this idea and report back.

This idea does not improve riding, it can only make things worse and we should harshly criticize ideas like this to help people understand the gravity of making poor decisions with it comes to motorcycle safety. This is why I was utterly unimpressed with this idea. It wasn't to belittle the OP, it was to showcase that safety comes first, not second when it comes to modding your bike.

Imagine if the motor breaks while riding and you can't use your mirrors at all, then what? Better leave it as is and improve your riding skills and awareness of your surroundings and plan for that.

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