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Getting Learnt

Hi there all, things have been great over here in CO. Taking my MSF course this month so I can finally get rid of my learners!

Anywho, few things I'd like to mention to possibly get some feedback or general discussion.
4000+ miles on bike
first things first,
I changed my oil and ONLY took 1.8L out of the bike with the bike warmed up and filter removed. Also the oil was JET black and very very very thick, even after warm up. This concerns me because before the oil change the clutch didnt seem to hold onto second gear well. Now after the oil change, put 2.2 in of castroil 10w40 full syn then added more per the owners manual took about 2.5 in all, the transmission is much smoother and second seems to stick much better.
Running a bike on old and low oil isn't good, is there any other issues I should check on? The bike seems to run fine but My experience is zero.

Also, put-putting around in first gear. Is pretty fucking terrible, I drove a speed3 for a long time and considered 1st a roll gear only in that car and consider the same for the ninja.
I know there are options for leveling out first gear but I'd like to work on my throttle input before I start modding too heavily.
I've noticed that my throttle actually sticks very very slightly, this seems to rear it's head when the throttle is sensitive to input (lol 1st gear).
Whats the best way to correct this issue? lube the cable? lube the handle? it's a very minor but i'd rather not have cruise control for .3 millisec. Obviously, experience is the correct answer but I'd like to fix this stick before it gets worse and bites me in the asshoolll.

Lastly (maybe), I was about to make a left turn out of a suicide lane and braked heavily with front, rear brakes and the clutch in. I noticed some minor shaking in the front of the bike, so I automatically conclude the head bearings need replaced and that I'm perfect and would never cause the bike to act in such a way!
I believe if I would've downshifted appropriately I would've maintained control of the bike better. Still think replacing the head bearing is a good idea after reading some other posts. The last thing I would ever want my bike to do i start flailing around on me on some ruble strips or something.

Thanks guys, stay safe!
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