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Originally Posted by Elijah View Post
Any idea how much down on power it is vs. the current model? (Damn those Nancy-Boy Euro 4 standards.)

I like what they've done with it, it was desperately needed, but if anything the bike needs a touch more power. Still though, I wouldn't kick it out of my garage.
The power will be down 3hp but they have managed to bring the torque up by 1.3lb-ft.
Bore, stroke, compression ratio, everything stays the same except smaller butterfly valve (36mm instead of 38mm) for throttle body.

2017 Ninja 650

2016 Ninja 650

Looks like the redline will be lowered to 10,000rpm from 11,000rpm.

The fuel economy has improved, however the fuel tank will be 1L smaller(15L tank instead of 16L) and gear ratio will stay identical to the previous generation.

*For a reference, the Ninja 300 has 17L Tank.

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